The Magick of the Marshes

If you've been following me long enough you know that I love marshes, wetlands, and bays. I grew up going to the Wetlands Institute of New Jersey and spending many days near the bay on Avalon NJ. Growing up I frequently visited my grandparents shore house in Avalon Nj. being less than a block from the bay, being able to use binoculars to look out on the bay; I often saw the magick of the bay. I grew up catching crabs while my dad fished. I would play with them on the docks, if you're happy, and you know it clap your claws? OK I was a young kid when I did this! I also learned to lull them into a state of suspended animation by stroking their underbelly- it works.... I'd watch sunrises & sunsets. Watch the bay water rise and flood the street during bad storms & then play in the flooded street with my cousins & friends.

When we think about Ocean magick we often are so drawn to the ocean herself, we can forget about the magick of the other water near the ocean.The wetlands, marshes, and bays all feed into the ocean and some of the same animals live there as well.The Magick of Marshes, Wetlands, and the BayWhen I think of these sacred places, I think about connecting deeply to the energy of the ocean, but on a deep and profound level. I often start my shamanic journey's at the bay, because the energy of the ocean is so strong for me there. The energy of the Ocean is strong, fast, every changing. That energy isn't always needed, and sometimes it's overpowering.

The bay's energy isslow, reflective,allowing us to go deep within. It provides for us sustenance through food; fish, crustaceans, clams, oysters, mussels, etc. It provides for many a place to connect with this magickal place through fishing. A place for men in particular to take a time out and go within.

Some find the smell of the bay, wetlands, and marshlands to be a bit off putting, for me it always reminded me of being at my favorite place, the shore. The wetlands, marshes, and bays are after-all, a place of decay which is why crabs and other bottom dwellers love it. It's a good place to process what no longer is working in your life and what needs to be let go of. Crabs as totems & guides will happily take what no longer serves us and process it for us; just like they can be found happily enjoying a rotting fish carcass on the bays floor. They will also keep you protected as you deeply feel the world around you.


Timing: Waning Moon

Tide: Decreasing Tide

Magickal Qualities: abundance, banishing, introspection, releasing, discovering secrets.

Sacred Animals:Crab, Fish (general), Eel, Sand Shark.

Tarot Card:Death, eight of cups.

I hope the next time you go to the beach you spend sometime at the bays, wetlands, and marshes. Just be sure to bring some bug spray and a fishing rod