Hekate & The Ocean

For those of you who are following me on social media, aka my Facebook group, know that I've stepped back into my work with Hekate in a public way. After the resurgence of Hekate I did not agree with some methods of connecting with Hekate, it felt cultish to me, and not authentic. You see I practice my craft from my heart, I do not follow books to a "T" or listen to what other "witches'"say with how it should be done.

No one is an authority on the craft, not my craft, except for me. After the Hekate's movement about five years ago I stepped back from the spotlight I had created for myself, unfriended those who I no longer felt that connection with or who I felt became apart from that cult. Something that felt icky and wrong to me, and still does. However, my love and devotion for Hekate didn't wane, it was still there just not a major part of my life like it was before.

Hekate has dominion over the sky, earth, and sea. Zeus gave that to her in the myths. I do not see Hekate though on the shores edge; I see her in the depths of the ocean, the mysterious creatures that live in the deep, the ones that call deeply to my spirit. If you know of the ocean and her creatures, the ocean has many fish that make their own light, bio-luminescence.

These strange and mysterious animals are terrifying but enchanting at the same time. They are like Hekate's hounds but of the Sea.

Shamanic Journey To Meet With Hekate

Bringing in my shamanic practice let's do a shamanic journey to meet with the Goddess Hekate & explore her connection to the ocean.